Fruit breeding

Fruit breeding

About Zouk

Over Zouk

In 2010, sister company bvba ZOUK was established with two objectives:

1. Production and sale of propagation material from its own scion park.

2. Breeding and introduction of new mutants and varieties.
Johan Nicolaï is the owner of bvba ZOUK.

Enthout park


Bvba ZOUK is dedicated to the control and production of breeding material. The breeding material has to be pure, vigorous and stable.

To this end, all pedigrees are checked and assessed annually. This way bvba ZOUK guarantees reliable and uniform breeding material.

Fruit innovation through breeding

Fruitinnovatie door veredeling

Bvba ZOUK develops new varieties through classical fruit breeding and also selects mutants.

The goal of this fruit innovation is the search for added value for grower and consumer. In this way bvba ZOUK is working on a promising future for fruit growing.