About Johan Nicolaï

About Johan Nicolai

Tree nursery Johan Nicolai has been a leader in the fruit sector for over 40 years. With the 3rd generation, Laura, Vincent and Michiel, on board, continuity is guaranteed. It is and remains a family business.

The focus is on producing balanced and certified apple trees of first quality.
Continuous innovation in the field of varieties through close cooperation with sister company Zouk and expertise in cultivation makes tree nursery Johan Nicolai a renowned supplier for professional fruit growing within and outside Europe.

There are continuously 2.2 million plants in cultivation. Through a meticulous system of tracking and certification, the plants can be shipped to any destination inside and outside Europe.


Johan Nicolaï takes over the tree nursery business from his father, Jo Nicolaï. Jo Nicolaï started growing fruit trees in 1963. In 1967, he was the first to introduce a bicolor apple in Belgium, Jonagold.


Establishment of Johan Nicolaï nv, where fruit trees are grown, as well as fruit breeding.


Tree grower Johan Nicolaï introduces in cooperation with KUL: Kanzi® and Greenstar®.


Johan Nicolaï nv moves to its current location at Lichtenberglaan 2050 in Sint-Truiden.


Johan Nicolaï nv introduces Milenga®, Gala Royal Beaut® and Pirouette®.

2012 - 2018

Over a period of seven years, Johan Nicolaï's three children will step into the company. With the commitment to work together as the third generation....


Building expansion with additional cold storage. In total, the site has 2,300m2 of cold storage to store all the trees.


Sister company Zouk introduces: Rubis Gold®(Zouk31 c.o.v.) and Coryphée (Zouk32 c.o.v.).


Johan Nicolai nv obtains patent for new type of Hydra® tree.


Zouk introduces: Ziola® (Zouk55 c.o.v.)